Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Classroom Time

Working in my classroom is always so soothing for me during this time of the year. I had a chance to work several hours in my room yesterday and I felt very accomplished when I left.  I have a major problem where I can't stop thinking about teaching and my classroom, no matter where I am!  I constantly catch myself thinking about getting back to the classroom and decorating, what items I am going to buy or make next, and what my new students will be like.  I get excited about planning the first few days and weeks of school, new classroom and desk arrangements, and receiving my class list and schedules from my administrator! I have to confess... I have an obsession! I just cannot understand how some teachers can wait until a few days before school starts to get back into their classroom for the first time. I'm lucky to work in a district that allows us in our rooms during the majority of the summer. The only time we are not allowed in, is when they are waxing the floors in the building. I personally like to have my classroom completely set up and ready to go before the end of July, so all I have to focus on during the beginning of August is planning, copying, and visiting with my colleagues!

As for my accomplishments yesterday, I cleaned out and organized my closet so I could store more 4th grade curriculum from the other teachers in my grade level. I am one of just two teachers in my building that has a massive closet. I am always more than happy to store things from my fellow teachers in my grade level to help them feel that their classroom is less cluttered. They do not have the closet I do, so I like to assure them that I consider my closet the "4th grade closet", so it truly belongs to all four of us. I also rearranged a few of my shelf placements and put table cloths and curtains out.
Another big project I accomplished was to switch out my classroom library baskets from my old white ones to new black ones. My fourth grade buddy gave me close to 20 new black baskets that she only used one year and I bought 20 more from Dollar General for 2 for a $1. Since my main color scheme is black, red, and yellow, I thought the black made my library really "pop". Here is a before and after shot:

I was also able to make several new baskets featuring my favorite authors, genres, and series that I didn't have specific baskets for before. I just need to make some new signs for those soon!

Last, but not least, I wanted to share a picture of a great flea-market find I discovered last week. I have been in search for a book display shelf for many years. I have always wanted one to display our current classroom read-alouds and unit literature. This wonderful shelf is exactly what I wanted and I found it for an awesome price. I LOVE it!


  1. Love the black baskets!
    It's very nice of you to share your closet.


  2. I know exactly how you feel-it always makes me feel great to get into my room early and start getting things ready. I love your baskets and the labels-I have been struggling with how to organize my books-seeing yours really helped. thanks for sharing

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