Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm in Complete School Mode!

Wow! I have been busy, busy, busy with school projects for the past several weeks. I have been spending at least one eight hour day a week, sometimes two days, working completely in my classroom. It may sound like work to some, but I look at these days as time to myself and a complete stress-release. I have completed numerous Pinterest projects, new room arrangements, TPT projects, and much more. I am just going to post several pictures of my accomplishments during the past few weeks and will try to link the photos to where I got the ideas. Thank you to all the teachers out there that share their genius ideas with the rest of us!

One of my first Pinterest projects I tackled was this weekly "mystery person" can. I created it out of an old disinfectant wipe container, scrapbook paper, and a label I created on Powerpoint. Click HERE to visit the Growing Kinders blog for more information on the way I plan to use it this year with my students.

 I know I posted a picture of my enhanced filing cabinet, but I did finally take it up to my classroom and found a perfect spot for it.
 Another project that I started and finally finished last week was organizing and labeling all of my mentor texts and read-alouds in baskets. I keep these books near my desk in my teacher corner.
 I also made new subject labels for my daily agenda board. Students check this board every afternoon and copy the details into their personal agenda page. I have this personal agenda page available in my TPT store HERE.
 This was a big project! I completely emptied my metal cabinet of random supplies and craft items and organized it. I got rid of a lot of items I haven't even touched for five years. It was very refreshing!
 My next project was to move my Math Workshop rotation board to a smaller scale. I placed it on my closet door which minimized the space. I like it a lot better here.
 The list of directions for each Math Workshop station is now on the front doors of my metal cabinet. I used $1 pocket charts from Target and will use dry-erase markers each day to  list the new directions for my students to refer to. If you are interested in Math Workshop, visit Clutter-Free Classroom on TPT.
 Next, I create a small grammar reference wall for my students. I will be using a daily grammar practice program for morning work. These posters on the wall will assist students on skills they may see on a daily basis during morning work. Students must refer to the grammar reference wall before asking questions they may have about grammar terms and skills. I personally created all of these grammar reference posters and have them in my TPT store HERE!
 I also decided to try the homework club this year. You can visit Lessons for Laughter HERE for more information. I also have three versions of this product at my TPT store for FREE. The Homework Club board on the right was made by my amazing fourth grade colleague, Sabrina. I created the file for her and she pieced it together. I love the bow she added! So cute!
 You can also find this next project at my TPT store. I created a Writing Process clip chart for students to track their progress when publishing a writing piece. They will each have a numbered clothes pin and will attach it to the step of the writing process they are currently working on. This system will also allow me to view who is ready for an individual writing conference. I have NINE different styles of these Writing Process Posters in my TPT Store HERE!
 I know I have posted several pictures of my classroom library in many postings. This is my favorite part of my entire classroom. I added a new shelf last week to make more room for my favorite authors baskets. I have worked so hard over the years to maintain and add to my library. I just have a huge passion for children's literature and am in love with my collection.
 I rearranged my teacher corner yet again. I am obsessed. The last picture I posted of it triggered me to think that arrangement of the shelves and file cabinets were off balance. I know I am crazy. It would have bugged me all year if I didn't find a balanced solution. I'm sure I will find something else that bugs me and I will just have to fix it, but here is the most recent arrangement! LOL!
 Another new Pinterest project I am going to try this year is the Daily Absent files. For more information, click HERE! My goal is to have all absent papers placed in the corresponding day file, where absent students can get there work.
 I rearranged my student desk again into three long groups. I have always started the school year with five small groups. I know I am just overwhelming myself with change this year!
 Here are my name tags. Instead of writing student names myself, this year I typed their names in a MSWord document, printed them out, and attached them to the blank name plates. I also used my Cricut to cut out Mickey parts to add to the cuteness! I'm okay with the "culture of cuteness" in the classroom!! Wink, Wink!
 Here is my new alphabet! I think it matches better than my huge other one I had last year!
 Here is a view of my name tags attached to desks and my new alphabet above the board.
 I am also going to try the 100 Club Reading Program in place of my old monthly reading log program. Click HERE for more information and to purchase this exciting program!
 .... and last, but not least are my Helper of the Day lanyards. This cute idea came straight from my amazing fourth grade colleague Sabrina! I caught her making them and I had to make some too! My two helpers of the day will have the privilege to wear these lanyards proudly, or not! LOL!
I am sure this isn't all I have done, but it was all that I thought to take pictures of! I hope you enjoyed yourself and thanks for stopping by! Have a happy new school year!


  1. I have a black and white polka dot ladybug classroom! I love your Mickey room :0)
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  2. Your classroom looks amazing. I love following your blog!

    I nominated you for the Liebster award :)
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