Sunday, July 14, 2013

Great News and TPT FREEBIES Reminder!

I'm so excited! This morning our head custodian sent our faculty an email confirmation that our building is finished with summer maintenance and we are welcome back in the building to work in our classrooms. Hurray! We have an amazing head custodian and summer staff. They know how antsy we teachers are and try their hardest to get us back in as early as possible every year! I always like to work at least one full day a week in July to get my room ready so I don't feel rushed the week before school starts. I honestly really prefer to get it close to finished so I can really relax the week before school starts.

As for the layout of my classroom this year, I am going to rearrange things a little bit. I did go into my classroom one day during June summer school and moved my kidney bean table and my desk area to the same corner. I moved my actual desk against the wall and placed my kidney table slanted, facing the classroom in the same corner. I used to have the kidney table in the adjacent corner, but this year I want to contain all of my teacher areas into one corner, so my students have more room for book-nook areas and group meeting places.  I hope I will like it. Here is a picture I took that day after I moved the table over.
The small rectangle you see in the left corner may not stay there. That is where the kidney table use to be. The rectangle table used to be where my desk is now. It use to have my computer on, but I have my computer on my actual desk now. I have to keep the table for my student teacher I will be getting this year. That will be her teacher desk during her sixteen weeks of student-teaching. I just don't know if I will keep it in that spot or not. Decisions, decisions...

I plan to go up and work in the classroom Tuesday for several hours. I'm so excited to put it back together and make all the new changes that I have on my "To-Do List". Thank goodness for Pinterest!

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