Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Join the Party!

Join the Party and discuss your personal teaching story!

My story isn't an exciting one! I do remember loving school as an elementary student and middle school student. I had many great teachers and always had a feeling that I would like to do that someday. After graduating from high school, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I went to a local community college and worked at Kmart while I decided what I really wanted to do. Education was always in the back of my mind. When it came time to schedule my last semester at OTC, I decided to take an Intro to Education class. I did and I really enjoyed it. I graduated with my Associative of Arts degree which transfered to the university in my home town. I attended Missouri State University as an Elementary Education major with an emphasis in Reading Development. After my first practicum experience, I knew I had chosen the right path. I graduated in December 2006 and then substitute taught during the spring while I  joined that job hunt. I was hired by my amazing school district as a fourth grade teacher in May 2007 and started my first school year that August! The rest is history!


  1. Just found your blog and am your newest follower. I teach fourth grade too!:) Please stop by when you have a chance.
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  2. I also teach 4th grade...looking forward to reading your story!

    I nominated you for an award! Swing by my blog to pick it up!

    Craft of Teaching

  3. So glad you found something you love!! Thanks for linking up! :)

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